Selangor Champions League 2017 (SCL2017) #LIGAUNTUKJUARA



Football Selangor, under the leadership of His Highness Raja Muda of Selangor is proud to announce the second season of the Selangor Champions League 2017 that will take place at Stadium Panasonic, Shah Alam this September.

Selangor Champions League was founded in 2016 by His Highness Tengku Amir Shah to raise the standards of amateur football in Selangor and showcase the best talents that community football can offer to the sport. The tournament last year hosted sixteen (16) teams, which consists of only champions and runner-ups from eight (8) different leagues in Selangor. The first edition was a huge success and was well received by not only the participating teams but also by the community football at large. Many have attributed this to the prestige, high standards and extensive media coverage of last year’s Selangor Champions League.

Following the first edition, more leagues and parties have expressed interest to be a part of SCL2017. Apart from that, many teams have been working hard to earn themselves qualification spots for the second edition of Selangor Champions League.  Anticipation among the football community in Selangor is high with various media platforms publishing materials related to SCL2017.

For SCL2017, the format of the competition will be slightly different compared to the previous year. This year, the competition will be hosting eighteen (18) teams from a total of sixteen (16) leagues across Klang Valley. The teams will be divided into two (2) groups consisting of nine (9) teams each. The top four (4) teams in each group will qualify to the quarterfinal stage of the competition.

Out of the eighteen (18) spots offered in SCL2017, three (3) spots will be open to interested teams that might have missed out on winning a league or played in a league not recognized by SCL2017. The nine (9) teams selected to compete in the SCL2017 playoffs will be based from their achievement and league competitiveness. The nine (9) teams will be divided into groups of three (3) and the winners for each group will earn a qualifying spot for SCL2017.

SCL2017 will be held at Stadium Panasonic, Shah Alam from the 18th September 2017 till the 2nd December 2017 while the SCL2017 playoffs will take place early August 2017. The venue and dates for the SCL2017 playoffs have not been confirmed and will be announced soon. For more information about SCL2017 and the playoffs, please refer to the details below. Further information can also be accessed at our website (, instagram (footballselangor) and facebook (Football Selangor) accounts. The organising team can also be contacted at for any inquiries on matters related to SCL2017.



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